I designed and published the FEAR CATALOGUE in collaboration with artist Christopher Cozier for his showing of Available At All Leading Stores at the 2nd Trienal Poli/Gráfica de San Juan: América Latina y el Caribe, Puerto Rico.

This catalogue was distributed online but finally printed for sale in the Alice Yard Store.

from the catalogue:

Home-brewed FEAR

In June 2007, my work entitled Speak Up! Or Forever ... was included in Small Axe 23, along
with Christopher Cozier’s Available At All Leading Stores. This simple visual communication
fraught with all its humour/picong appealed to the ad man in me. “What a hell of a great
idea!!!” — packaged Fear. Made in the USA. The work reflects all of these things that continually haunt us today within our relatable-global-village proximity. It embodies energy, food, and financial crisis concerns, 9/11 self-imposed mental adjustments, war justifications, and rainbow-coloured terror alerts. -RMR

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