Monday, July 12, 2010


I've embarked on a new project to run only online. THE BAG PROJECT. I've always felt that a "pair of jeans" could have been the one single unifier in society. Every body has Jeans. Hell I've even seen vagrants with Jeans on.

The exercise has thus far yielded six bags three of which are shown here in this post. The others will be revealed in detail in the online installation rolling out this week or maybe next week. The bags will of course be for sale.

Inspired by one of my illustrations the Jeans project isn't my foray into the world of fashion design. Instead it's my experiment with recycling, and learning to sew. All of the material comes from old donated Jeans. I have Mariel Brown to thank for having the patience to teach me to use my sewing machine.

I have Sean Thomas of the Jazz Alliance of Trinidad and Tobago to thank for the opportunity to show my bags at his fine event "Jazzup The Runway ". More on this event over at later today. The Bikinis are by Charlene Bramble, Off the Hook Designs. Photography: Rodell Warner.

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