Thursday, December 29, 2011


Got a number of cool gifts this Christmas...among them was a pair of Reindeer antlers and a "blinking" red nose. I also got a cool book from my friend Dave on iPHONEOGRAPHY. So I started exploring the antlers from the perspective of someone who is gradually coming around to really liking Christmas once again. Don't ask...long story, but anyways I give you..da Ghost Face Killa' Ominous Reindeer Man Jamaica...all shot on iPod. ENJOY.-rmr.

Darryn Boodan:
hmm the reindeer is not an ingeniousness animal to the Caribbean space

wearing the antlers and red nose... almost becomes a carnival costume... reminiscent of a blue devil on jouvert morning...

this work attempts to subvert the traditional visual vocabulary we posess, by imposing a re imagined concept of an imposed tradition thereby reclaiming it

there is also an innate sadness about the each frame we get a sense of isolation and despair..this surely is an ode to "Rudolph the red nose reindeer " the lonely reindeer that nobody wanted to play with... the object in the photos seems to resign himself to the fact that there will be no "santa" to come to his rescue and ask him to guide his slay tonight...transforming him into a new social creature is doomed to a world of sadness

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  1. OK Richard, this is too funny. And the fifth pic... at first glance it looks like a really round woman in a two-piece. I had to look very carefully to ensure I wasn't seeing what I was seeing. Thank goodness! whew! Take a another look. ^_^